*Published on April 24, 2020*

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

As the university closes the spring term while planning for the months ahead, we write to share several important updates for our learning community.  

Emergency Financial Assistance for Students 

Under the CARES Act, Northeastern University will receive and distribute $5.8 million to Northeastern students who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19. These funds will be distributed to students who have incurred expenses from the disruption of campus operations, including food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care 

To expedite the distribution of these emergency funds to our students, the university will begin reviewing emergency grant applications as quickly as possibleThe Student Financial Services FAQs answer further questions about student eligibility, eligible expenses, and the application process. If you believe you are eligible for an emergency grant based on Department of Education guidelines, please complete a brief online application to request emergency financial assistance. 

Update on Domestic Co-Ops  

Students may participate in U.S.-based co-ops if they and their employer agree that it is safe to do so. Before embarking on their co-ops, students must complete a self-assessment to confirm that they have discussed risks and mitigation strategies with their employer and that they understand and take responsibility for their decision to participate in the co-op opportunity.

Students with questions or concerns about the co-op experience are encouraged to contact their Northeastern co-op coordinator to discuss their options. Northeastern will not require any student to participate in a co-op, domestic or international, that a student believes will endanger their health or wellbeing. The Global Safety and Security Assessment Committee will provide up-to-date safety information to co-op coordinators and directors for all U.S. locales and will be available to consult with co-op coordinators, students, and employers as needed.

Summer II Deadlines  

If students have elected to register for Summer II classes while awaiting a co-op offer, please remember that the deadline is July 13 to withdraw from Summer II courses with a full tuition refund. 

Northeastern thanks you for the resilience and flexibility you have shown throughout the many changes our community has navigated together during the last several monthsWe are seeking your feedback to guide Northeastern’s approach to online learning for the courses aheadStudents who have made the transition to online learning will receive a survey from me later today, inviting you to share your feedback on your online learning experience so far.  

As always, we encourage students to continue reaching out to their faculty and staff for guidance and to check the university’s COVID-19 website for the latest updates on the university’s response to COVID-19.  


Kenneth W. Henderson 

Chancellor and Senior Vice President for Learning