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Remote Learning Accommodations

Remote Learning Accommodations

In the 2021-2022 academic year, classroom density restrictions are lifted, all instructors of on-ground course sections are expected to be in person on campus, and students will be in the classroom every day instead of alternating between remote and in-person.    

As always, some students may be temporarily absent from the classroom for illness or other reasons. 

Northeastern strives to support the academic success of our students in the best possible way, particularly those who are experiencing unexpected challenges or temporary absences. Students should be encouraged to stay away from class if they feel sick. If a student tells an instructor they’ve been exposed to COVID-19, faculty should encourage them to report their exposure on the Daily Wellness Check and follow the wellness team’s instructions.  

 Instructors have access to academic technology tools—Canvas and other integrated tools—to ensure these students can fully participate in their courses.   

For students unable to come to class in person, faculty can offer options most appropriate for the course context and student. This might include offering a private Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting link available only to the student(s) unable to attend in person, recording their lectures, and/or holding virtual office hours. In addition, some courses may be designated as NUflex and include remote learners based on a program’s delivery preference. The Digital Flexibility guide provides faculty with a list of links and resources to support student success.  

Please note: Northeastern will no longer accept applications for remote learner status in the spring and winter academic terms. Students in need of ADA or medical accommodations can submit a request through the Disability Resource Center to receive support for their specific needs.  

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