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Northeastern remains school of choice for valedictorians of Boston public high schools

Headshot of Jianping Ye Li.
Brighton High School Valedictorian Jianping Ye, who will study architecture, will attend Northeastern in the fall. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Northeastern University remains the school of choice for Boston public school valedictorians, with 13 students at the top of their class set to become Huskies in the fall. 

The number includes 12 students of the Boston Public Schools and one student from a Boston public charter school. 

It ties a record set last year, when another 13 Boston valedictorians committed to Northeastern. 

And once again this year, more Boston Public Schools valedictorians selected Northeastern than any other school.

“For our valedictorians, this is about way more than just one year’s work. This is year after year of working hard, serving their community, and investing in the future for themselves and our city,” says Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. “We are so grateful to Northeastern for opening these doors for our students, granting them access through admissions and scholarships to one of the city’s best educational institutions.”

Collage of 2 rows of 5 headshots of Boston Public Schools valedictorians.
Valedictorians from Boston Public Schools include (top row from left) Omar Pleitez, Tina Vo, Anna Rivera, Karol Mendoza Baez, Richie Nguyen (bottom row from left) Jai-la Joseph, Ariel Pena Baez, Christela St. Cyr, Jiangpin Ye, and Wanlin Lei. Courtesy photos

Valedictorians from Boston public schools have lots of choices when it comes to higher education, says John Tobin, Northeastern’s vice president of city and community engagement.

But with Northeastern, students have “global opportunities at a place right in their city,” Tobin says. 

Most of the Boston valedictorians are awarded the Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship, which provides full tuition, room, board and fees covering eight academic semesters.

“We’re proud to offer the Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship and proud that year after year, many of them choose us, thus ensuring these talented Bostonians are able to pursue their educational dreams,” Tobin says. “Beyond excelling academically, many students are recognized for their extracurricular endeavors and community contributions. They are volunteers, leaders, artists and innovators in their schools and neighborhoods and we must support them and their families by providing them with endless possibilities and experiences through a world class education at Northeastern University.”

Richie Nguyen, valedictorian of Tech Boston Academy, says he is looking forward to taking advantage of the computer science and math opportunities at Northeastern when he enrolls in the fall.

“Where math and computers interact and connect to each other and intertwine fascinates me,” Nguyen says. 

Jianping Ye, valedictorian of Brighton High School, was similarly attracted to the co-op program.

“When I applied for colleges, Northeastern was always my first option because of the co-op opportunities,” says Ye, who plans to major in architecture. “I can go out of my college having work experience.”

Ye says that her whole family was proud and “so excited” when she received her acceptance to Northeastern. Her parents never finished high school, and emigrated from China to Colombia — where Ye was born and grew up — and then to the United States. 

“All their hard work came together and they are so proud of that too,” Ye says.

The complete list of valedictorians and their high schools: