Everything you need to know about moving into Northeastern’s residence halls

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Within the next couple of weeks, thousands of students will be moving onto Northeastern’s global campuses ready to start or continue their academic adventures.

In Boston, Oakland and London, students will arrive with duffel bags full of clothes and small reminders of home, as an army of volunteers and professional movers assist them in settling into Northeastern’s residence halls. Hundreds of wheeled bins will be available to help students move their belongings, as colorful signs guide the way for students and parents.

Whether students are moving into a residence hall on Northeastern’s Boston or London campus, or Mills College at Northeastern in Oakland, there’s a lot to be excited about. And a lot to think about when it comes to preparing. Fortunately, Northeastern has made the process easy and smooth for new and returning students.

“We are so excited to welcome our students and families to campus,” Chong Kim-Wong, vice chancellor and dean of students, said. “Our teams have been working extremely hard throughout the summer to prepare for their arrival. Students and families can expect to see lots of fanfare, activities, movers, volunteers and staff who are ready to welcome and support our students.”

Unsure where to park or who to ask for help on move-in day? Luckily, News@Northeastern is here with a helpful guide that answers some of the most common questions.


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What are the move-in dates for the fall 2022 semester?

Students move into university housing on the Boston campus between Aug. 28 and Sept. 5, depending on their assigned move-in date.

Move-in is scheduled on Aug. 31 for N.U.in and N.U. Bound students moving into housing on the Mills College at Northeastern campus in Oakland. For continuing Mills College students, move-in will be on Sept. 5.

For Northeastern’s London campus, students in the N.U.in program arrive on Sept. 3 and NU Bound students arrive on Sept. 4. Students can move-in any time after 9 a.m.

Where do I start the move-in process?

Students should make sure they know their room assignment and designated move-in date/time. This can be found on Northeastern’s Housing Online portal by clicking on “Room and Roommate Information.” Students on the London campus will receive their assignments once they are on-site. Mills College at Northeastern students will receive their assignments in the coming week.

Based on their residence hall, students on the Boston campus should arrive at their designated move-in location, whether it’s in front of a residence hall or one of the two parking lots at the Boston campus (Columbus Garage or North Lot).

Students at the Oakland campus should start the move-in and check-in process at the “T,” the intersection of Richards and Kapiolani roads. In London, students will move in and check-in at the Chapter Spitalfields.

Volunteers and staff will also be available throughout all three campuses during move-in days to guide students. Once students arrive, Northeastern volunteers and staff will be on hand to help them secure moving bins, if they need them.

Is there transportation provided from airports to campus?

For students at the Oakland and London campuses, Northeastern will provide transportation to campus.

Students who arrive at London Heathrow Airport can meet Northeastern team members at Terminals 3 and 5 any time before 11 a.m. This covers all group flights and the majority of U.S. origin flights. Northeastern staff will guide students to coaches that will transport them to Liverpool Street Station, a short five-minute walk from the residence hall, Chapter Spitalfields. Students who arrive independently must make their own way to Chapter Spitalfields on their assigned arrival day.

Students attending the Oakland campus will be able to catch a chartered shuttle bus from Oakland International Airport to campus. There will be bus pickup for students who fly into San Francisco International Airport. At the airport, students will have their bags tagged with their room assignment and building information so that their bags can be delivered directly to their dorm rooms by hired professional movers.

After arriving on campus, where do I go?

On the Boston campus, students should either unload their vehicle in the designated parking location outside their residence hall or park near their residence hall, unload their belongings with the movers and then park in their designated lot before settling in. Printable directions to the various lots on the Boston campus are available here.

Parking at the Columbus Garage and North Lot is based on a first-come first-served basis. Parking passes are only valid on designated move-in days and are good for entry after 7 a.m. and departure before 11 p.m. You should put your contact phone number on the parking pass, and the pass should be clearly displayed on your car’s mirror or dashboard so that staff can call you during move-in if they need to.

After receiving their check-in materials at the “T,” including a color-coded group designation and Husky Card, Mills College at Northeastern students can go to their assigned living quarters where staff will direct the them to their rooms. If they flew, students will have their bags delivered directly to their rooms from the airport. If they drove or arrived by another means, students can park and find moving bins at the “T,” where on-campus information table volunteers are also on hand to help.

After arriving at the Chapter Spitalfields, London campus students will be welcomed by Northeastern staff who will host arrival activities.

Will there be people to help with the move?

Yes, residential life and facilities staff as well as volunteers will be on the Boston and Oakland campuses to assist students. Welcoming and wayfinding signage will be set up throughout campus to guide students along during move in.

There will also be hundreds of bins, ramps and move-in support to move students smoothly and seamlessly along their first steps on campus.

Is a student’s family allowed to help move in and come up to your dorm?

Students have to sign in any guests they are bringing into the dorms, but family members and other guests are allowed to assist with move in and help students settle in.

Are there any COVID-19 protocols in place during move-in for the fall 2022 school year?

Life on Northeastern’s Boston, Oakland and London campuses has returned to normal. Testing is voluntary, masking is only required in health centers and social distancing is not required in facilities on any of Northeastern’s 13 global campuses.

All students and guests must be in compliance with the university’s vaccine policy: They must be fully vaccinated and have one booster shot.

For more information on the university’s COVID-19 policies, read this helpful Q&A with Northeastern Chancellor and Senior Vice President Ken Henderson.

Are there designated locations where students can pick up moving hampers to help move their stuff?

Bins are easily accessible for those who need them. On the Boston campus, there are designated bin locations throughout campus, including Squashbusters, West Village G and Speare Hall. 

For students moving into the Oakland campus, movers will be on hand to take their belongings directly to their dorms from the airport, but bins can also be found at the “T.”

Where can I get my Husky Card?

Your Husky Card is a valuable part of your Northeastern experience and helps you get into your residence hall and other facilities around campus. Students on the Boston campus who attend orientation will receive their cards then. But if a student did not, they can receive their ID on the Boston campus at the West End of Curry Student Center.

N.U.in students on the London campus will receive their ID cards on Sept. 4 at Chapter Spitalfields after a short visa check. NU Bound students will get their IDs on Sept. 5 or 6 after a longer visa check on campus.

During the check-in process on the Mills College at Northeastern campus, students will be assigned a group (red, blue purple or green) based on their residence hall and will receive their Husky Card. 

What are some general tips I should keep in mind to make move-in go as smoothly as possible?

To make the move-in process as smooth and efficient as possible, make sure to pack light. Only bring the essentials and a few personal touches. Ideally, a student’s belongings can fit in one or two moving hampers and can be moved in one trip. In Boston and Oakland, students will have plenty of opportunities during move-in week to go on excursions to pick up whatever else they might need at Target, Ikea and other stores. And in London, Northeastern will facilitate trips to Argos, John Lewis and Marks & Spencers.

Finally, get excited! Northeastern’s staff are just as excited to help you move in and get settled on campus. Take advantage of the events Northeastern has planned for move-in day and Welcome Week, connect with other students and get ready for an incredible Northeastern experience.

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