Northeastern team physician joins elite sports medicine team at Mass General Hospital

Dr. Gian Corrado, Northeastern University’s team physician, is joining Mass General sports medicine and poses for a portrait at his new offices. His new role will enable Northeastern athletes to receive care at MGH alongside the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Revolution. Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University

Building upon his 16 years of experience as head team physician for Northeastern athletics, Dr. Gian Corrado will be joining the elite Sports Medicine Center at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital—a move that will create opportunities for Northeastern student-athletes to receive care at one of the nation’s leading hospitals.

As director of emergency sports medicine at Mass General, an appointment that will commence Jan. 1, Corrado will help care for a wide variety of athletes at all levels, including the professionals of the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and New England Revolution. Because Corrado will also be maintaining his association with Northeastern, he will be inviting Huskies student-athletes to join him at Mass General to improve their performance as well as to recover from injuries.

“They will have the opportunity to be treated at a beautiful new facility with a massive physical therapy center in downtown Boston,” Corrado says. “When they go to see the doctor, they may be sitting next to professional athletes; when they are doing physical therapy, the person next to them may be a player for the Patriots. It’s great for Northeastern’s athletes to be in that environment.”

“Northeastern Athletics is incredibly fortunate to have such a well-respected and dedicated team physician in Dr. Corrado. He is somebody who we have a high level of trust in, and we have the utmost confidence that the well-being of our student-athletes is always top of mind,” says Jim Madigan, director of athletics and recreation at Northeastern. “We are privileged to have a physician of his caliber in our corner, and we’re very excited for this new opportunity at Mass General. This is a win-win both for Dr. Corrado and for our student-athletes at Northeastern.” 

In tandem with his Northeastern duties since 2006, Corrado has helped lead the Sports Medicine Division at Boston Children’s Hospital as sports medicine physician and associate program director for the Medical Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.

“Children’s Hospital has an excellent sports medicine group, and I’ve enjoyed my time there,” Corrado says. “I feel very honored to have been considered for this role at Mass General, where I’ll be with the best of the best—the best physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and medical doctors who help manage the pro athletes. I’ll be around them and learning from them and exposing our Northeastern athletes to that level of service and innovation and excitement.”

Corrado describes emergency sports medicine as the treatment of athletic-related injuries that can range from broken bones and dislocated joints to head trauma and heart-related emergencies.

Dr. Pete Asnis, director of professional sports at Mass General, says Corrado has a “fantastic reputation” for “taking great care of his patients.”

“We really look forward to bringing him into the MGH family and having him work alongside us as part of this team,” says Asnis, who serves as head orthopedic surgeon for the Red Sox and head team physician for the Patriots and Bruins. “He has such a breadth of experience in taking care of elite athletes for a long period of time at Northeastern, and so I think we’ll learn from him and his experiences, and we’ll all be better from the relationships.”

Since 2006, Corrado has been a presence at most of Northeastern’s basketball and ice hockey games with the men’s and women’s teams. In the new year, Mass General physicians will be assigned to cover the Huskies at those times when Corrado is working with the professional teams in Boston. Those assignments have yet to be determined, says Asnis.

“Northeastern is such a big part of his career and will continue to be,” Asnis says. “We’d love to have him play a role with some of the other teams as well.”

At Northeastern, Corrado also oversees the Huskies’ sports performance department—another area that will gain from his association with Mass General.

“There’s been a big shift to sports performance in recent years,” Corrado says. “It’s about how you focus not only on injury management, but also how you focus on performance with an eye on injury prevention. It really takes your medical practice up to the next level.”

Corrado will continue to lead a Northeastern research team that investigates and identifies athletes who are at risk for sudden cardiac death, which is suffered by more than 100 athletes annually.

At Mass General, Corrado—and the Northeastern athletes he treats—will be able to access leaders throughout the medical world, says Asnis.

“If there’s any problem that comes up, we have a person at MGH that is an expert in that field,” Asnis says. “When you are taking care of these athletes, you’re just a phone call away from having a national or international expert on any given injury, sickness, or problem that you might encounter.”

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