How many city dwellers across the US have access to parks and green space?

Now that restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus are being lifted and people in the U.S. are going outside more, it can be hard to find space to get fresh air and at the same time maintain safe physical distance from others.

The Trust for Public Land,  a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, has assembled data on population density, availability of parkland, and accessibility to parks for the 100 largest cities by population in the United States. Even larger, more densely populated U.S. cities have green space for their residents. Find that information below — and find a park to (safely) visit.

Circles over each city are sized based on population, and colored in based on the percentage of its residents who live within a half-mile walk of parkland; darker green circles mean more residents are close to a park, while lighter circles mean fewer are.

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