Northeastern University student co-ops at Republic Records, works with Jonas Brothers, and learns music industry secrets

Photo courtesy of Rachel Lipson

Rachel Lipson had to keep a secret: The Jonas Brothers were finally reuniting.

Lipson knew this news was going to shock the music industry, but for weeks, she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. The Jonas Brothers were one of the most successful names in music in the late 2000s, but six years ago they abruptly decided to part ways a few days before they were supposed to go on tour.

Rachel Lipson poses with the Jonas Brothers. Photo courtesy of Rachel Lipson

Now, the band was planning a comeback, but the only people who knew were the employees at their new record label, Republic Records.

Lipson realized that working at Republic Records, she had access to one of the best-kept secrets in the music industry.

“It was so hard not telling my friends,” says Lipson, a third-year student at Northeastern who is working on co-op at Republic Records until June. “But Republic really values the surprise factor. Song releases are always better as breaking news.”

Lipson got to meet the Jonas Brothers at the Republic Records office and help plan their surprise reunion, and they even played their new single, “Sucker,” for the staff.

The single would go on to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the music industry standard record chart. Their new album, “Happiness Begins,” is scheduled to be released on June 7.

Lipson works in the artists and repertoire department, which means she is responsible for gathering statistics on up-and-coming artists, tracking concerts, scouting new musical talent for the label, and serving as a liaison between the label and its artists.

The catalog of famous artists signed to Republic Records is instantly recognizable, with names like Ariana Grande, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

Republic Records was founded by brothers Monte Lipman, who is chief executive officer, and Avery Lipman, who is chief operating officer.

In early March, Lipson’s supervisor, Avery Lipman’s executive assistant, moved to Los Angeles to take a promotion.

For two weeks, before a replacement could be hired, Lipson assumed her former manager’s role and became the executive assistant to one of the most important names in music.

“It was really amazing to establish a professional relationship with someone so important,” says Lipson, who majors in biology and minors in music industry. “I definitely cherished that opportunity.”

When asked if she had any more secrets to share about any of the artists she has worked with, Lipson just laughs.

“Sorry,” says Lipson, “I’m not allowed to tell you.”

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