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Academic Honors Convocation 2019

Full coverage of Northeastern's highest academic achievements

04/18/19 - BOSTON, MA. - Scenes during the annual Academic Honors Convocation held on the 17th Floor of East Village at Northeastern University on April 18, 2019. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Northeastern University on Thursday celebrated the highest achievements of students, faculty, and an important trustee at the Academic Honors Convocation in East Village.

The event recognized members of the Northeastern community whose academic prowess, insatiable curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit have made them standout scholars, researchers, mentors, teachers, and innovators.

How jello-like cubes can help fight cancer

Sidi Bencherif, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Northeastern, recently received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to develop biomaterials that generate oxygen. These materials could help researchers understand how low oxygen environments affect the immune system and potentially be used to supply oxygen to help train immune cells to fight cancer.

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What secrets do ballet dancers hold for people with disabilities? Or for robots?

Northeastern professor Dagmar Sternad, newly appointed as University Distinguished Professor, is studying ballet dancers to learn about balance. The research could have far-reaching implications for clinical research, helping to shed insight, for example, on how to increase mobility in older adults or people with physical disabilities. Their findings could also help engineers design better robots.

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