Northeastern University inducts 2019 class of the Huntington 100

Nominated by faculty, staff, advisors, coaches, employers, and fellow students, the 2019 class of Huntington 100 was selected from a field of more than 700. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

High atop the East Village, dozens of Northeastern’s best and brightest came together under one roof Monday night for a ceremony that celebrated their triumphs in the classroom, on the field, in concert halls, and in laboratories.

The students were inducted into this year’s class of the Huntington 100, a prestigious program at Northeastern that recognizes students who have recorded achievements in research, co-op, athletics, entrepreneurship, community service, and leadership.

President Joseph E. Aoun joined the celebration, offering handshakes and taking selfies before addressing the honorees. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

Bedecked in formal attire, with red or golden academic stoles draped over their shoulders, the students perked up when President Joseph E. Aoun joined the celebration. Smiling, he moved fluidly from table to table, offering a handshake here, posing for a selfie there, before addressing the group.

“We live in a new world,” he told the students. “There’s an explosion of knowledge, new professions, and new opportunities, and many of what you learn to do will become obsolete. At the same time, what will remain is the ability to reinvent yourselves. And it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take courage, because in some ways you’re starting from scratch, but that’s what you have done at Northeastern.”

The president stood by as the students, right hand raised, took their oaths: “I do hereby affirm freely and voluntarily my membership in the Huntington 100…”

Hannah Tam, a senior in the College of Science, led a moving performance of Carl Maria von Weber’s Clarinet Quintet Opus 34.

Their membership cemented with a signature, the new members of the Huntington 100 took in the words of Huntington 100 alumni Meaghan St. Marc, who is now a successful entrepreneur, left resonating in their minds.

“I encourage you to take your first steps knowing that you are better prepared than most, being at Northeastern,” St. Marc said. “Don’t be afraid to evolve. Fine-tuning your vision is an exercise in building upon your strengths, and you are more connected than you might think. Lead, understanding that you are multiplying your efforts if you do so. Elevate your hunger and dig deep to pull ahead. Support lies in the community that you build or choose to belong to, and most importantly use your platform to empower others.”

Each year, hundreds of students are nominated by faculty, staff, advisors, coaches, employers, and fellow students. They are selected by a panel of judges that is comprised of representatives from each college, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of Alumni Relations. This year’s class was chosen from a field of 734 students.

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