Northeastern a cappella group prepares to compete on Sing That Thing!

Pitch, Please!—Northeastern’s all-female a cappella group—will appear on an upcoming episode of Sing That Thing! on the Boston television station WGBH. Photo by Riley Robinson.

Pitch, Please!—Northeastern’s all-female a cappella group—will tape a segment for a televised singing competition on Saturday. The group, which will appear on an upcoming episode of Sing That Thing!  on the Boston TV station WGBH, will compete against seventeen other singing ensembles, including a men’s choir, a chamber chorus, and a high school a cappella group.

Pitch, Please! qualified for Sing That Thing! by topping 40 other ensembles to win the 22nd Annual A Cappella Competition at Faneuil Hall in Boston in October 2018.

The a cappella group used to focus on singing upbeat pop music, said Olivia Triplett, a third-year biology student who runs the 14-member ensemble. Now the group dabbles in indie, folk, and other genres—and wins competitions with the new sound.

Pitch, Please! relies on several altos, or singers with lower voices, to round out the sound of its songs, says Triplett.

“People expect us to not sound as full because we don’t have male voices,” she says. “But we have a bunch of non-traditional voices and a lot of altos, so we can do bottom-heavy songs that people don’t always expect from a women’s group. It’s why I think competitions like Sing That Thing! are starting to take notice.”

Pitch, Please! will compete in the Northeast quarterfinal round of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella on Feb. 16. The group released a nine track album titled Aurum in 2016.

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