Harry Potter had the House Cup. Northeastern has the Hall Cup.

More than 2,000 first-year students attended the President’s Convocation in 2017. File photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Harry Potter had the House Cup.

Now Northeastern has the Hall Cup.

Like the students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, freshmen at Northeastern will be divided into teams based on where they live and compete to win a coveted trophy.  

Instead of scoring points by mixing potions and casting spells, they will vie to win social media challenges, scavenger hunts, and other contests held throughout the academic year.  

The Hall Cup will be awarded to the residence hall with the most points at the end of spring semester.

Harry Potter had magic. We have metamaterials.

“The purpose of Hall Cup is to help first-year students find their place at Northeastern by helping them develop tight-knit connections in their communities,” said Matt Lewis, the  assistant director for residential life.

The competition will begin on September 3 at Solomon Court.

Other Hall Cup events will include a Mario Kart tournament, a competition to reduce energy consumption, and a roommate trivia game.

Students can also earn points for their teams by attending Welcome Week events, including Night at the Curry Student Center on Thursday, September 6, which will include an a cappella concert and an improv comedy show.

How to make the most of Welcome Week

John Fortescue, a resident assistant who will help to run Hall Cup, said the competition will help first-year students acclimate to Northeastern.

“I hope my residents come to understand what Northeastern is all about,” he said. “I want them to feel ready to get involved in the community and create waves of positive change.”