Want to get fit this summer? Do it the right way with these exercise tips.

Want to get fit this summer? Do it the right way with these workout tips from Northeastern student-athletes. Each day this week, they will show you how to perform a different exercise to build strength without getting hurt.

Day 1 – Trap Bar Deadlift

First up: Kasidy Anderson, a forward for the women’s hockey team, and Bolden Brace, a guard for the men’s basketball team, show you how to perform a trap bar deadlift without injuring your back. The trap bar deadlift helps athletes build explosive lower body strength, Anderson says. Reach forward, pull your rib cage in, grab the bar, push your heels into the floor, and lift.

Day 2 – Alternating Dumbbell bench press

In the second installment of the workout series, Matti Hartman, a forward for the women’s hockey team, shows you how to build upper-body strength with the alternating dumbbell bench press. Put your feet on the bench to flatten your back, push the dumbbells upward until your arms are fully extended, and press one dumbbell to your chest at a time, Anderson says. 

Day 3 – Goblet Squat

In this video, Hartman demonstrates the goblet squat, which targets the glutes, quads, and core. Stand up straight, hold the dumbbell up and away from your body, and squat down, keeping your weight on your heels, Anderson says.

Day 4 – 90-90 Chin Up

Here, Brace demonstrates the chin-up, which targets the lats, biceps, and abs. Hang from the bar, bend your knees into a 90-degree angle, and pull.

Day 5 – Push Up

In the final installment of the series, Hartman demonstrates the push-up, which targets the shoulders, chest, and abs. Start in a plank position that would prevent another person from grabbing your shoulder blades, tuck your hips, and descend, Anderson says.