The all-new myNortheastern portal is live. Here’s what you need to know

The university’s new-look online portal, myNortheastern, is up and running.

On Sunday, Northeastern replaced its myNEU portal with myNortheastern. The online portal is a central resource for students, faculty, and staff to access a range of university services and information—from, class schedules, registration, and financial transactions, to blackboard, teaching resources, and employment information.

Here’s a look at what’s new with myNortheastern, as well as what’s changed and what you need to know.

Login credentials

All students, faculty, and staff can log into myNortheastern with the same credentials they used to access myNEU. Users do not have to register or create new usernames and passwords. The URL for myNortheastern is

Why the change?

The main driver behind replacing myNEU with myNortheastern was to make the portal more modern and intuitive, according to Mark Nardone, co-interim vice president for information technology services and chief information officer at Northeastern. Nardone said myNEU launched about a decade ago and was due for a reboot. The university spent months planning, developing, and testing the site—a process that also included significant student involvement.

What’s new?

First and foremost, the updated interface. Through the myNortheastern landing page, users can immediately access their class schedules, email, Blackboard, and university news and events.

Another new feature of myNortheastern is the customizable menu bar on the right side of the screen where users can add a photo, bookmark specific pages and resources available through the portal, and keep track of their search history. Nardone also said myNortheastern’s search functionality is much improved over myNEU.

“The primary difference is the look and feel of the portal, and that look and feel is ubiquitous across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices,” Nardone said. “One of our goals was to make it much easier to use and offer a warmer interface.”

Is anything going away?

Nope, other than the myNEU name and the old portal’s aesthetic. Users can access all the same capabilities and resources on myNortheastern that they could through myNEU. The difference, Nardone said, is that myNortheastern was designed to make accessing and finding information faster and easier. Gone are the tabs featured at the top of the myNEU page; myNortheastern features more information directly on the landing page, and includes a “Services & Links” tab at the top.


Nardone said ITS is interested in hearing feedback from the university community about what they think of myNortheastern. The best way to provide feedback is by clicking the “Provide Feedback” link from the menu bar on the landing page.

What’s next?

“This is only the beginning,” Nardone said. This is a multi-year project, and ITS will continue to update, improve, and transform myNortheastern with a range of new functionality and added resources in the coming months.

One forthcoming update is that users will be able to customize the look of the landing page. For instance, if they want to move their mail to appear in the top left corner, and their schedules in the bottom right corner, they’ll be able to do so.

Nardone said ITS will also leverage data analytics in determining future changes and updates—for example, making certain resources and links that users access most often even more visible.