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What can you find at Trash2Treasure this year? Pretty much anything.

Get ready. Northeastern’s annual Trash2Treasure sale is this weekend.

The shopping extravaganza is set for Sunday, Sept. 3, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Curry Student Center Ballroom, though any insider would recommend getting there early. In past years, students have started lining up as early as 6 a.m.

Why the rush? As Trash2Treasure organizer Caroline Angele, DMSB’18, explained, “You could go out somewhere and buy a desk lamp for $10, or you could get it here for $1.”

Indeed, whether it’s desk lamps, ironing boards, small trash bins, yoga mats, phone cases, microwaves, or mini refrigerators, it—and much more—can be found at Trash2Treasure, and purchased with either Husky Dollars or cash.

“I just want to see this keep expanding,” said Angele, who has been volunteering with Trash2Treasure since her freshman year. “So much stuff gets thrown away each year, when it doesn’t have to be.”

All the items, hundreds in all, were donated by students when they moved out at the end of the spring semester.

All of the items are sold at a discounted price, with the money raised going to the student groups represented by the volunteers who help make the event happen. Every year Trash2Treasure also aims to promote non-wasteful lifestyles and educate students about proper ways to dispose, recycle, or reuse items they no longer want.

Additionally, whatever isn’t sold over the weekend is donated to charitable organizations in the Greater Boston area.

Each year, among the hundreds of practical items for sale are a few Easter eggs—unique items that were donated. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of those.

A six-foot artificial tree: For the holiday- or shrubbery enthusiast.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


Several pairs of adjustable crutches: In case an enthusiastic “break a leg!” takes a sudden, realistic turn.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


A bicycle seat: Ride in comfort.

A pirate hat: Among the many costume pieces donated this year, Angele said.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


A tent: You never know.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


Several vinyl records: No residence hall is complete without the sweet sounds of Donna Summer floating through the hallways.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


A pair of sleds: Winter is coming.

Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University


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