New student finds possibilities abound at Northeastern

An important part of the college experience is exploring the vast opportunities to learn about new and exciting topics. In what became a well-known joke among her friends, Mary Abrahamyan took that sentiment to heart, driven by a desire to explore different fields of study.

“I considered switching my major basically every week,” said Abrahamyan, a first-year student, adding that her prospective majors included pharmacy, chemistry, political science, and international affairs.

For now, she has settled on a combined major of biology and political science, although she quipped that she could change her academic focus in the future. Abrahamyan noted that she is really enjoying a chemistry class she is taking, which is a shock because, she said, “I was a hopeless cause in high school when it came to chemistry.”

At that high school—the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough, Massachusetts—she was a standout member of the National Forensics League student team, a group that competes in speech and debate competitions and that is now known as the National Speech and Debate Association.

Abrahamyan joined the team after some of her friends did and subsequently found a passion for interpreting and dramatically performing pieces of prose. She qualified for the National Speech Championships earlier this year and received a National Forensics League Degree of Honor.

“I like speech more than debate because debate is rushed,” Abrahamyan explained. “With speech you can cut it the way you want and have more liberty and control. There is more substance.”

Abrahamyan said she chose to attend Northeastern because of its reputation for preparing students for the 21st-century workforce. And she is excited to get continue her involvement in extracurricular activities, with plans to join the Student Government Association and Husky Ambassadors.