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Summer recipes: Chimichurri vinaigrette

06/20/16 - BOSTON, MA. - Executive Chef Tom Barton creates summer dishes for the NU dining halls on June 20, 2016. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

In the second installment of our summer recipes series with Northeastern executive chef Tom Barton, we present a “simple to make” chimichurri vinaigrette, which is featured at the university’s Café Crossing. It combines ingredients such as parsley and cilantro with a squirt of sriracha to add a bit of heat. Barton says it can be used as a dressing as well as a marinade for chicken or fish.

Chimichurri vinaigrette
Yields six to eight servings


Before you begin, listen to Northeastern executive chef Tom Barton explain the dish and offer a few cooking tips:


1 bunch fresh parsley, washed, dried, stems trimmed slightly
1 bunch cilantro, washed, dried, stems trimmed slightly
2 oz. red wine vinegar
¼ tsp. ground cumin
1 tbsp. sriracha sauce
4 garlic cloves
½ tsp. kosher salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
10-12 oz. olive oil
1 tbsp. water

1. Roughly chop the parsley and the cilantro and then add to a blender or food processor.
2. Add all other ingredients except the water and half of the oil.
3. Turn on the blender or processor and blend for 30 seconds. Slowly start to alternate drizzling in the rest of the oil and the water. Continue to blend for one minute.
4. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. Dressing may be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container for up to two weeks.

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