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Decision 2016: Students report from the campaign trail

Last week, more than a dozen Northeastern students headed north to preview the New Hampshire primary. In part two of our ongoing coverage, the students, a mix of journalism majors and political junkies, attended town hall meetings, interviewed voters, and explored some of the lesser-covered election topics, including Bernie Sanders’ age and the oft-neglected Asian-American voter. Here, we share some of their reports from the field.

Dozens of students in journalism professor Jonathan Kaufman’s “Covering Campaign 2016” class blanketed New Hampshire last weekend, seeing most of the frontrunners.

They attended a Bernie Sanders rally in Ridge on Saturday morning and then attended a Hillary Clinton town hall in Henniker, many of them standing outside in the cold to listen on loudspeakers when the hall reached capacity. On Sunday morning, students headed two hours north to Plymouth to hear Donald Trump and interview voters at his rally, then ended the day crammed into an indoor sports arena in Manchester to hear Marco Rubio. “I am not sure who is going to win,” said one exhausted student as the group headed back to campus. “But I think there is a good chance I just saw the next president of the United States.”

Here is a selection of the student journalists’ work from the field, covering everything from Sanders’ age to the oft-neglected Asian American voter. And if you missed it, here’s part one of the students’ coverage, which included reports from a John Kasich rally in late January, where they met and interviewed the Republican candidate.

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