Decision 2016: Student journalists report from the field

On to New Hampshire

As presidential candidates from both parties crisscrossed Iowa last weekend, Northeastern journalism students headed north to preview the New Hampshire primary. We asked them to blog from the road.

The dozen students are in journalism professor Jonathan Kaufman’s class “Covering Campaign 2016.” Kaufman, the director of the School of Journalism and a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and editor, covered the 2008 campaign battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for The Wall Street Journal and never forgot the excitement of seeing candidates and voters close up as America chose a president.

“A few months from now these candidates will be surrounded by the Secret Service and speaking to crowds of 20,000,” Kaufman said. “Now is the time we—and the voters—can see them up close.”

First stop: Kasich campaign, Keene, New Hampshire

The students, a mix of journalism majors and political junkies, arrived with notebooks in hand at a town hall meeting held in the city of Keene by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican candidate who is rising in the polls. They interviewed voters and met with reporters from National Public Radio and CNN. They even interviewed top campaign strategists and Kasich himself.

Here are their stories (click each headline to read the full story):

[Another group of Kaufman’s students will head to New Hampshire this weekend to follow more candidates and continue coverage of campaign 2016. Stay tuned for those stories.]


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