Northeastern community reacts to historic Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

We canvassed the campus community on Friday afternoon, asking students and staff to describe their reaction to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide. Here’s what they said.

06/26/15 - BOSTON, MA. - Jennifer Doucette, MS/MBA’15. Staff Photo: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern UniversityJennifer Doucette, MS/MBA’15:

“I’m surprised the Supreme Court ruled this way, because its past judgments were a little more wishy-washy. I’m happy about it.”

Ben Gincley

Ben Gincley, E’19:

“A lot of people will argue that this ruling is long overdue, but there’s a lot of work left to be done. Just because the Supreme Court made this ruling, doesn’t mean there will be [immediate] change.”

Joe Hebert

Joe Hebert, business manager in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

“I think it’s great. Why did it take so long for them to rule on this? It’s amazing how long it takes for basic human rights provisions like [the right to marry] to be implemented.”

Katie Hess

Katie Hess, L’17:

“It’s extremely exciting, because the right to marry is a fundamental right. This ruling was a long time coming and is a step in the right direction for America.”

Whitney Kan

Whitney Kan, MS/MBA’15:

“The ruling was a little bit surprising, but a really good step forward. It’s great news.”

Brianna Saccucci

Brianna Saccucci, academic adviser in the College of Arts, Media and Design:

“I’m so excited. It’s nice to see that [the country] is making progress.”

Tramaine Shaw

Tramaine Shaw, assistant coach for the women’s track and field team:

“It’s exciting—and a long time coming. It makes sense—and it’s fair.”