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East Village fun facts

Here are some interesting factoids about Northeastern’s newest residence hall, which opened earlier this month.

• With 17 floors, East Village is the second tallest building on campus; International Village comprises 22 floors.

• East Village is the first building on campus featuring Destination Dispatch elevators. Here’s how they work: Once passengers arrive at an elevator bay, they type in the floor they want to go to and are then directed to the elevator that will get them there the quickest. There are no buttons inside the elevators. The destinations are pre-programed based on what the passengers input in the elevator bays.

• The new building is also the first residence hall at Northeastern with inoperable windows, which is an important part of receiving LEED certification.

• Under an innovative agreement between Northeastern, Phoenix Property, and the YMCA, Phoenix purchased the land on St. Botolph Street from the YMCA and invested $75 million to build East Village. Northeastern will lease the building from Phoenix, with the opportunity to purchase it in the future. This is the first time in Boston’s history a third party is developing a college dormitory.

By the numbers

More than 300 – the number of people who can fit in the event space on the 17th floor

713 – the number of students who will live at East Village

24 – the number of resident assistants

615 – the number of windows

2,900 – the number of pieces of steel used during construction

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