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Take 5: Healthy tips from health fair

Northeastern staff and students doled out health and wellness tips on Wednesday at the Bouvé College of Health Science’s annual Health Fair and Flu Clinic. Here are five pieces of advice for staying fit and healthy this fall.

No gym required

The Resident Student Association focused on easy-to-follow fitness tips for life outside the gym. “Walk whenever you can,” read the group’s poster on simple tips for a healthier lifestyle. “Get on the T one stop earlier than usual so you can walk for a little longer.” When you’re on co-op, try sitting on a balance ball instead of a chair, and stand up and move around at least once every 20-30 minutes.

Eat this

The Health Science Society pulled together a list of the 31 healthiest foods, including salmon, apples, and quinoa. If you’re craving a sweet snack, try a slick of peanut butter on a stalk of celery. For something salty, try unshelled edamame.

A good night’s sleep is just a click away

Erin Kish, a medical clinician with University Health and Counseling Services, doled out tips for getting a good night’s sleep. “The biggest thing you can do is eliminate screen time before you go to bed,” she said, referencing the tendency to watch TV, browse the Internet, and send text messages before slipping under the covers. “Lights can be stimulating and make it difficult for your brain to shut down.”

Under the weather and over the counter

Northeastern’s chapter of Phi Lambda Sigma, the pharmacy leadership society, focused on over-the-counter medications for colds, coughs, headaches, and insomnia. Allison Lee, BHS’16, the group’s interprofessional committee chair and a past co-op at CVS, noted that people with dry coughs should look for suppressants, while those with phlegm-producing coughs should look for expectorants. Before purchasing a sleep aid, the student group advises potential users to “consider the many factors that may be contributing to difficulty sleeping,” including stress, caffeine intake, and late-night eating. “Try eliminating those factors first.”

Ready to Quit!

UHCS developed this comprehensive and individualized smoking cessation program, which includes regular meetings with a registered nurse, encouraging text messages, and nicotine replacement products. “The program gives students everything they need to quit,” said Nicole Bourque, BHS’15 and a RTQ student ambassador. If you would like to join the program, please fill out a smoking cessation assessment form.

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