What motivates you?

What motivates you? Surprisingly, not many people have an answer to this question. That’s why Lars King, DMSB’17, has developed Year of Motivation, a yearlong subscription service that delivers short motivational videos to your inbox every morning.

“People pay hundreds of dollars to see motivational speakers that help them stay motivated for a week, and then they’re back to where they started,” said King, a dual major in entrepreneurship and marketing. “But what if they could get a few minutes of motivation every single morning that gets them going and excited?”

So that’s exactly what he did. For less than a dime a day, subscribers can watch daily motivational, inspirational, and informational videos that have been handpicked by King. To curate these videos, he searched the web for the biggest players in this genre based on views, likes, and subscribers. From there he selected the best, most effective videos.

And evidence shows that this service is in demand—Year of Motivation launched at the start of this year, but King has already made hundreds of dollars in profits. “I would encourage everyone to think about Internet marketing and online business—it’s where a lot of business is headed,” said King. “It’s easy, cost-effective, and you can gain invaluable experience.”

Year of Motivation is King’s first official foray into starting an online business, but he’s hardly new to the entrepreneurship game. He’s started multiple small businesses throughout his life, and is currently on co-op in the business development department of MassChallenge, an annual global startup competition and accelerator program for entrepreneurs. There, he is responsible for coordinating with sponsors to make sure that the nonprofit organization has the funding necessary to operate and compensate competition winners.

The chance to work with an established accelerator such as MassChallenge has granted him the opportunity to get regular exposure to the dos and don’ts of launching a venture.

“I want to expose Year of Motivation to people who read motivational blogs and struggle with motivation in general,” said King. “For example, I’m currently collaborating with a friend who runs a body building website and a lot of his clientele need motivation to keep up with what they do.”

King knows exactly what he wants to do: his future plans at Northeastern include working on co-op internationally and delving deeper into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“I’ve learned a lot from starting this company, from time management to different web technologies,” said King. “But really I’ve learned that the Internet is where the money is, where the energy is, and where the focus is.”