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Weekly Webcrawl: July 26, 2013

Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr.
Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr.

Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr.

What’s the buzz? Tell me whats happening:

A book review from Maria Popova over at Brain Pickings on “The Twenty-Four Hour Mind,” a book exploring the relationship between sleep, dreams, and depression.

MIT researchers can create memories of things that never were.

This story on why creative people tend to be “eclectic” came out a couple years ago, but for some reason Scientific American posted it to facebook this week so I read it.

This is also not brand new, but I just found it. Last week Jenny McCarthy landed a job as a co-host on the view, giving broad public attention to her views against vaccines. Panic Virus author Seth Mnookin wrote a 4-part primer on why this is concerning.

…Oh, and this, which I discovered right after posting: Scientists discover what’s killing the bees, and it’s worse than you thought