Twitter helps turn alum’s dream job into reality

Recent Northeastern alumnus Perry Acks has landed his dream job as a production assistant for Bethenny Frankel’s upcoming talk show—and it all began with a simple tweet.

Frankel, a reality TV star turned self-made businesswoman, came to Northeastern in January of last year to speak at an event called “Skinnygirl Night Out…A Conversation with Bethenny Frankel.” At the student-sponsored event, Frankel spoke to the Northeastern community about being a woman in the business industry and how she achieved successes.

“She was honest, smart, motivational, and hilarious,” said Acks, who graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. “I was always a casual fan of hers, but this event really transformed my view and gave me so much more respect for her, not as a celebrity, but as an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.”

Following the event, Acks swiftly took to Twitter, begging Frankel to take him on as a member of her team. However, he quickly realized that he needed to do more than ask for a handout via social media, and went on to call the production company, email and fax his resume and write personal letters to Frankel. This approach worked, and Frankel finally responded to Acks.

“Bethenny actually reached out to me on my last day of classes,” said Acks, noting that he scored an interview with the program’s executive producers on his graduation day. “The timing,” he said, “was incredible.”

Shortly thereafter, Acks joined “Team Bethenny” and began working in her new studio. As a production assistant, he is tasked with pitching show ideas and booking guests. He works closely with the producers, who have taken Acks under their wing and are serving more as mentors than managers. The show, Bethenny, is slated to premiere on Sept. 9.

Acks is quick to attribute his success to his Northeastern experience. All three of his co-op jobs emphasized the use social media, the power and influence of which helped him land the coveted position.

“I learned from my co-op experiences that I want to work on the set of a show and that’s why this job is perfect for me,” Acks explained. “I love working at Bethenny, and I want to work on this show for as long as I possibly can.”

Click here to watch a video of Northeastern alumnus Perry Acks meeting Bethenny Frankel for the first time.