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Weekly Webcrawl: Love is in the 'sphere

Photo via Thinkstock.

Photo via Thinkstock.

The sclogosphere went nuts yesterday with love-related science posts. Here are few that caught my eye:

And, while we’re on the subject of animal sex, what is it about science bloggers and penises? A few weeks ago it was squid and barnacles, now these:

[I can’t think of an appropriate transition between penises and politics so this parenthetical will have to suffice.]

Obama opened his SOTU on Monday with promises about keeping science going despite the ugly funding debate that’s currently dominating most scientists’ minds. Here, ScienceInsider drills down on the President’s science facts and here New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin wonders how hard it will be to turn his rhetoric into reality. Scientific American breaks down the president’s first ever plan on climate change, which was released last week. All of this has gotten the Keystone pipeline debate surging. And if we don’t do something soon, the government risks severe financial exposure from the effects of climate change.

This all comes in the midst of the ongoing debate about science funding and everyone’s favorite word: sequestration. Contemplative Mammoth had a great post on the catch 22 that is science funding but some proposed changes to the way research money is managed  look promising (don’t hold your breath).

Speaking of politics, we can’t help it, our brains make us the crazy [liberals/conservatives] we are (and actually, I went to another AAAS session today on the science of politics where one speaker had quite a bit to say about this subject. Stay tuned!)

In case you’ve got nothing better to do over the long weekend, here are a few citizen science activities to keep you busy:

A few things that I found fascinating but don’t fit into the above categories:

Oh,  and by the way, Knight should have never paid Johnah Leherer $20,000 to apologize for his misdeeds. But they realized it a little too late.

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