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Wired World in 2013

Photo courtesy of Wired UK.

Photo courtesy of Wired UK.

A special year-end edition of Wired UK includes a prospective on the state of science in 2013, featuring the cutting-edge work of 25 researchers from across the globe. Three of them are Northeastern originals: College of Science professors Mike Pollastri and Bill Hancock and Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy and Director of the Center for Emerging Markets, Ravi Ramamurti. You can download PDFs of the stories below or purchase the whole issue at your local newsstand or online here.




The Human Proteome: After years of research it seems that mapping the human genome is only the start of the journey. The secret to our true biological selves lies in our proteins. Read more.

Open Source Cures for Tropical Diseases: Combining open data with drugs “orphaned” by big pharma will help identify new treatments. Read more.

Trickle-Up Innovation: The west has long been seen as the source of fresh thinking. But in 2013, this position will flip as the developing world teaches best practice and ‘reverse innovation’ to the rest of us. Read More.

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