Faculty Reads, Volume Seven

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Northeastern faculty members have written at length on a wide range of topics. Volume seven of the faculty reading list includes an array of scholarly works penned by Northeastern University professors, such as Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies Lori Lefkowitz’s exploration of the Biblical origins of Jewish sexual identities and Distinguished Professor of Political Science Michael Dukakis’ analysis of effective public sector leaders.

Title: “Encyclopedia of African American Music” (3 volumes)”

Author: Emmett Price III, chair, Department of African American studies, and associate professor of African American studies and music

Description: This groundbreaking encyclopedia illuminates the profound role that African American music has played in American cultural history. More than 500 in-depth entries by more than 100 scholars examine genres, styles and performers, in addition to historical topics such as music of the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.


Title: “Leader-Managers in the Public Sector: Managing for Results”

Author: Michael Dukakis, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, and John Portz, professor of political science

Description: Dukakis and Portz draw on in-depth interviews with successful leader-managers in different policy fields and at different levels of the federal system to identify six critical skills and practices that are necessary for good leadership and good management in the public sector. The authors present these essential skills using extensive analysis of the interviews and then the actual interview transcripts, which explore the experience of these successful leader-managers in great detail.


Title: “In Scripture: The First Stories of Jewish Sexual Identities”

Author: Lori Lefkovitz, Ruderman professor of Jewish studies

Description: “In Scripture” explores the Biblical origins of a series of unstable ideas about the sexes, human sexuality, family roles and Jewish sexual identities, including the changing attitudes toward Jewish men and women. By applying psychoanalytic and gender theory to selected Biblical narratives from Genesis to the Book of Ruth, Lefkovitz interprets the Bible’s stories as foundation texts in the development of sexual identities.


Title: “Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice”

Author: Alan Zaremba, associate professor of communication studies

Description: By outlining useful tools and theories that underly crisis communication, this book helps organizations to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders, and with the public. It can be used as a classroom textbook, a public speaking tool or organizational communication guidebook for professionals.


Title: “The Disassembly Line: Balancing and Modeling”

Author: Seamus McGovern, part-time lecturer of mechanical & industrial engineering and Surendra Gupta, professor of mechanical & industrial engineering

Description: The authors dig deeply into disassembly line balancing problem – the complex, pioneering process essential to remanufacturing, recycling, and environmentally conscious manufacturing. They also explore the techniques required to solve problems involving the number of workstations required and the disassembly sequencing of end-of-life products on the disassembly line.