Faculty Reads, Volume Four

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Volume four of the faculty reading list includes an array of scholarly works penned by Northeastern University professors, such as assistant professor of communication studies Craig Robertson’s historical look into why the U.S. passport has become an indispensable document, and Distinguished Professor of Psychology Harlan Lane’s interdisciplinary exploration into the traits that define deaf ethnicity.

Title: “Water Infrastructure for Sustainable Communities”

Author: Vladimir Novotny, Professor Emeritus, Director Emeritus, Center for Urban Environmental Studies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Xiaodi Hao and Valerie Nelson

Description: This book, designed for university faculty and students, scientists in research institutes, water professionals, governmental organizations, NGOs, urban landscape architects and planners, highlights innovative projects being designed in China and around the world in response to water shortages, polluted waterways, climate change, and loss of biodiversity, allowing cities, towns, and villages and their water resources to become ecologically sustainable and provide clean water.


Title: “The Leaderful Fieldbook: Strategies and Activities for Developing Leadership in Everyone”

Author: Joseph A. Raelin, Professor of Management and Organizational Development and Asa S. Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education

Description: Being “leaderful” refers to leadership practices that are collective and concurrent – people can serve as leaders all together and at the same time. Through exercises and case studies this fieldbook enables change agents – coaches, facilitators, practicing executives and managers – to take a leaderful role with their clients and adopt a style of collective engagement.


Title: “Getting Started as a Pharmacy Faculty Member”

Author: David P. Zgarrick, professor and chair of pharmacy practice

Description: Written with a conversational style, this concise reference informs readers about pharmacy-related opportunities in academia, how colleges and universities operate, how to go obtain a position, and how to succeed in academia. This book is appropriate for a variety of audience including pharmacy students, pharmacy residents, research fellows and post-docs, practicing pharmacists considering a career in academia, and new faculty members.



Title: “People of the Eye: Deaf Ethnicity and Ancestry”

Author: Harlan Lane, Matthews Distinguished University Professor of pyschology, Richard C. Pillard and Ulf Hedberg

Description: This book is an interdisciplinary exploration in Deaf studies, history, cultural anthropology, genetics, sociology and disability. The author identifies a distinct language, and shared values, customs, social organization and sense of ethnic identity in the deaf world by tracing the genealogy of the founding families of the Deaf world in the United States, and challenging the common representation of ASL users as a disability group.



Title: “The Passport in America: The History of a Document”

Author: Craig Robertson, assistant professor of communication studies

Description: In this age of heightened security, especially at international borders, this book provides a richly detailed, and often surprising, history of the U.S. passport. It explains how this unique document played and plays a critical role in individual and national identity in modern U.S. history, and why the passport, above all documents, came to be considered a reliable answer to the question, “Who are you?”