Postcard from Denmark

Nay Pwint
Class of 2012, electrical engineering major
Co-op in Denmark

I am a hardware engineer in the R&D department at BK Medical, working on a prototype for a new board that will be part of an ultrasound system. Working with both analog and digital circuitry is teaching me a lot about how the entire ultrasound system works.

What I love is that I am not just an intern who is here to learn. I carry out many important tasks, such as designing schematics for front-end evaluation boards—part of our next-generation product. I have also researched a new set of parts for our next-generation systems.

All my co-workers are passionate and talented, which brings an unparalleled level of excitement and happiness to work. At BK Medical, people have expertise in many different fields of study, allowing me to learn a lot in any area I want to pursue.

It’s inspiring to be part of a company that makes medical devices that improve the health of others and benefit all societies around the world. In addition, exposure to the corporate culture in Denmark is broadening my international experience and will give me a competitive advantage in the job market after I graduate.

I live in a student residency community close to downtown Copenhagen. Every day after work, I explore the city. Most of the buildings are quite old, with great architecture and full of history.

This kind of experiential-learning opportunity—combined with the flexibility to pursue anything I set my mind to in both my academic and professional environments—are just two of the many reasons I chose to attend Northeastern.