Faculty Reads, Volume Two

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Volume two of the faculty reading list includes an array of scholarly works penned by Northeastern University professors, such as School of Nursing professor and Dean Carole Kenner’s academic text that explores the critical role nurses play in health care delivery, and associate professor of psychology David DeSteno’s look into the hidden forces that drive us to behave in sometimes uncharacteristic ways.


Title: “Governing Uncertainty: Environmental Regulation in the Age of Nanotechnology”

Author: Christopher Bosso, professor and associate dean, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northastern

Description: Economists, historians, philosophers and public policy experts weigh in on environmental regulation in light of the challenges inherent in the development of nanotechnology. They work toward a reconceptualization of government regulatory approaches that satisfy the desire for scientific innovation while also taking into account the direct and indirect effects of emerging technologies, particularly in the face of scientific uncertainties.


Title: “Out of Character: The Surprising Truths About the Liar, Cheat, Sinner (and Saint) Lurking in All of Us”

Author: David DeSteno, associate professor of psychology at Northeastern and Piercarlo Valdesolo

Description: This book provides a unique window into how forces outside of our awareness shape character, nobility and goodness. Through DeSteno’s Social Emotions Group Lab at Northeastern, readers are given first-hand accounts of how humanity’s best and worst characteristics are born from the interplay of these hidden forces and evoke powerful emotion from, jealousy, bigotry and compassion to altruism, hypocrisy, loyalty and self-control.

Title: “Chinese Justice: Civil Dispute Resolution in Contemporary China”

Author: Margaret Woo, professor of law, School of Law at Northeastern

Description: Through an interdisciplinary lens, this book analyzes whether three decades of legal reform in China have taken hold in Chinese society by examining how citizens use the contemporary legal system. It goes on to explore the emergent Chinese conception of justice — one that seeks to balance cultural tradition, socialist legacies, and the needs of the global market. This book promotes a greater understanding of the political dimension of dispute resolution in creating, settling and changing social norms in China today.


Title: “Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership”

Author: Anita Finkelman and Carole Kenner, professor and dean, School of Nursing at Northeastern

Description: This dynamic text takes a patient-centered approach to nursing education and professional development and engages students in recognizing the critical role that nurses play in health-care delivery. Divided into four sections, about everything from the history of nursing and accreditation to ethics and the nursing shortage, it also covers the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) five core competencies on quality and health care for all health-care professionals.


Title: “An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering”

Author: Robert D. Holtz, William D. Kovacs and Thomas Sheahan, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northeastern

Description: This book provides a descriptive, elementary introduction to geotechnical engineering—with applications to civil engineering practice. Focusing on the engineering classification, behavior, and properties of soils necessary for the design and construction of foundations and earth structures, it also includes chapters on Geology, Landforms, and the Origin of Geomaterials.