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WeekendWatch: Without taxes, will you shop till you drop?

This weekend, nearly all purchasable goods in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are on sale—not because shopkeepers are eager to make a deal, but because the state government is eliminating the 6.25 percent sales tax during Saturday and Sunday only. Stores across the state will extend their hours and brace for the crowds.

Clothing and jewelry: Massachusetts never charges sales tax on clothes—unless you’re purchasing an item that costs more than $175. So if you’ve had your eye on some high-end duds, this weekend could be the time to buy. Jewelry will also be sales tax–free this weekend. Buy a bauble for that special someone—or for yourself (we won’t judge).

Electronics: Let’s face it, you’ve coveted a new TV or computer for a while now. This weekend, you might decide to nab that new flat screen from Best Buy or that laptop from the Apple Store, which is notorious for never having sales. Many businesses are already running back-to-school deals for gadgets; subtracting the sales tax just makes those deals that much more attractive.

Furniture: Some of the best bargains will likely be found at furniture stores, especially at such local places as Cardi’s, Jordan’s Furniture and Bernie and Phyl’s, which have sales planned for the weekend. This means even more opportunities to get a good deal on new furniture for your dorm, apartment or home. Many stores will let you make your selections ahead of time and postpone delivery—you only have to pay this weekend to get your deal.

The fine print: The tax holiday runs Saturday, Aug. 13, and Sunday, Aug. 14. Note that retail items costing more than $2,500 will still be subject to sales tax; so will cars, boats, meals and tobacco products.

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