President Aoun faces off in Stanley Cup challenge

Justin Knight

As the Bruins do battle with the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals, another rivalry is forming between Boston and Vancouver.

Andrew Petter, president of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, took off the gloves today, issuing a challenge to Northeastern University’s president, Joseph E. Aoun.

Should the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, Aoun will don a Canucks Orca jersey on Northeastern’s Boston campus, post a photo on the University’s website, and ship freshly-caught Atlantic lobster to Vancouver. If the Bruins win, Petter will don a Bruins jersey, post that photo online, and send fresh Canadian salmon to Aoun.

“We welcome global challenges at Northeastern,” said Aoun. “And our campus is home to the world’s oldest indoor hockey rink, so we know a little bit about this sport to be confident in the Bruins’ ability to win.”

Northeastern has strong ties to the Bruins: Its historic Matthews Arena, which opened in 1910, was the Bruins’ original home and is the oldest arena in the world still used for ice hockey. Northeastern’s undergraduate commencement is held every spring on the Bruins’ home turf, the TD Garden.

“Our American cousins in Boston are as passionate about hockey—almost—as we are in Vancouver,” Petter said. “And since this playoff round is going to be all about ‘schooling’ the Bruins in Canada’s game, I thought it appropriate for our two fine institutions of higher learning to engage in a bit of healthy competition.”

With three campuses located in British Columbia’s largest municipalities—Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey—Simon Fraser University was recently ranked as Canada’s leading comprehensive research-intensive university. SFU’s undergraduate student exchange program partners with many international universities, including Northeastern.