New 'Double Husky' Scholarship program offered to Class of 2009, recentalumni

President Joseph Aoun announced today that Northeastern University will provide its graduating students and recent alumni with a 25 percent tuition reduction on more than 100 full-time Master’s Degree programs and Career Advancement and Global Advancement Certificates, including study-abroad programs. The new Double Husky Scholarship is designed to give qualifying students and recent alumni greater opportunity to further their education and strengthen their professional skills during the economic downturn.

“This is an opportune time for higher education to step up and do what it does best: advance bright minds through experience and learning, and prepare them to compete in a global workforce,” said Aoun. “Being a member of the Northeastern family provides many advantages, and the Double Husky Scholarship is the most recent example of the university investing in its alumni.”

Qualified graduates with a Northeastern baccalaureate conferred in 2005 or later are eligible, including this year’s senior class.

Double Husky Scholarships will encompass three different post-baccalaureate opportunities at Northeastern: Master’s Degrees, Career Advancement Certificates, and Global Advancement Certificates.

With a wide variety of disciplines represented, Northeastern’s Master’s Degree programs include many cutting-edge fields of study, such as Biotechnology, Health Informatics, Urban Public Health and Information Assurance.

The one-year Career Advancement Certificates focus on industries that anticipate current and future job demand, such as healthcare, nonprofit organizations and education. Programs include Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Health Management. Credits earned in certificate programs may be applied toward a Northeastern Master’s Degree.

Taking advantage of Northeastern’s global partnerships, the Double Husky Scholarship gives recipients the opportunity to study abroad at two of the university’s international partner institutions. Students in the Global Advancement Certificate Program can study in Thessaloniki, Greece or Beijing, China as part of the Global Studies and International Affairs and the Contemporary Chinese Business and Culture programs, respectively.

As Northeastern celebrates 100 years of leadership in experiential education and co-op this year, the Double Husky Scholarship is one of many opportunities that give Northeastern students an edge as they compete in an increasingly global world.

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