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Guide to First-Time Testing on the Boston Campus


These guidelines may be revised for the fall 2021 term. Please check back for the latest updates before your first test. 

Pre-Testing Checklist—Before You Come to Campus for the First Time

Visit or download and sign into the Now Mobile app to make sure you’ve checked this off your list:  

    At the Testing Center—Cabot Physical Education Center

    • On or on the Now Mobile app, click on My Current Wellness Status to pull up the Daily Wellness Check Status. 
    • When you arrive at the testing center, you will see a sign for first-time test participants. You will receive directions for first-time participants as well as a sticker to show the staff that this is your first time. 
    • Follow the signage to the queuing area. 
    • Show your Current Wellness Status screen to the staff so they can scan your QR code before directing you to check-in 


    • At check-in, hold your Current Wellness Status screen up to the plexiglass so the check-in staff can see your NU ID number to look you up in the testing portal. 
    • If check-in staff cannot find you by NU ID or last name, you may not yet be in the system. Be prepared to give the following information to the check-in staff: full name, date of birth, sex, race, ethnicity, residential address, personal phone number, and Northeastern email address. A positive test result is shared by phone, so please make sure you provide a cell phone number. 
    • It is extremely important for reporting and notification that your address and phone number are up to date. Check this information carefully and give the check-in staff a thumbs-up if correct.  
    • Take the tube they give to you and double-check that your name and date of birth on the sticker are correct. 

    Swabbing Station

    • A staff member will direct you to a swabbing station.  
    • If you are testing for the first time, wait for instructions from the staff member before you begin. You may also ask for more attention and step-by-step instruction from your swab coach. 
    • At the direction of the staff, you’ll insert the swab a half-inch inside your nostril and rotate it for 15 seconds in each nostril. 
    • Then place the swab into the tube, tip down, and place the cap tightly on the tube. Follow the instructions from the swab coach as you leave. 
    • Follow the signage to exit. Hand sanitizer is available as you exit. 

    Accessing your Test Results

    • Your test results should be available to you within 36 hours. If your test result is inconclusive, you will receive an email from Cabot Testing Center. If your test is positive, you will receive a call from our wellness team. 
    • If your test result is negative, you’ll get an email notification when your test results are ready to view in a secure test results portal. Links to the test results portals are available at, as well as on the Now Mobile app 
    • If your email comes from, log into the LSTC test results portal using your Northeastern username and password.  
    • If your email comes from CareEvolve@lknotification.comwith subject line “Lab results available from your provider,” follow the email instructions to log into the CareEvolve test results portal and view your results. 

    If you have questions about logging into the test results portals, the IT Service Desk is available to help. 

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