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How to be Safe and Resilient


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A new online class provides practical, up-to-date, and scientifically proven answers during this threatening time of severe disruption. COVID-19: How to be Safe and Resilient is an hour-long course that is free and accessible to anyone. Launched by Northeastern’s Global Resilience Institute, it is a “one-stop-shop” of credible, digestible collection of skills to help manage and survive the pandemic.

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Join Us Live: Facebook Live with Psychology Expert on Coping with Anxiety  
Friday, March 27th at 1:30 p.m. ET
David DeSteno, professor of psychology in Northeastern’s College of Science, is one of the leading experts on the ways in which emotions guide decisions and behaviors fundamental to social living. He’ll be sharing his insights and answering questions. Tune in at


READ: Managing Mental Health Issues During this Anxious and Unpredictable Time
Alisa Lincoln, professor of sociology and health sciences, wants to help people across all demographics who are coping with mental health issues, social isolation and stress during the pandemic.


READ: Fear Can Be Contagious. Know When to Tune Out
Kristin Lee, associate professor of behavioral sciences, says it’s ok to tune out for a while if the news is making you feel anxious and overwhelmed. When you do read the news, make sure you’re getting it from reliable sources.


Make use of the university’s telehealth benefits. For employees, Northeastern’s Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offer Well Connection, a 24/7 telehealth service that lets members talk to a health provider over a live video visit via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Students covered by Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP) also have access to the Well Connection telehealth platform, with copays waived.


Access mental health support. Through Northeastern’s Employee Assistance Program, employees can talk with a licensed clinician by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees and their families, including children, have access to six counseling sessions with a licensed clinician, available by telephone or online. For students,Find@Northeastern offers 24/7 professional counseling support, video counseling with a licensed clinician, and an 8-module online program to help students learn new coping skills for stress and anxiety.


Find caregiving resources. Many of our employees are managing significant caregiving demands on top of their usual work responsibilities. If on-site essential employees are in need of child care, EAP or Northeastern’s vendor can help refer them to an appropriate caregiver. EAP also offers educational guidance, free telephone consulting with a special needs coach, and guidance on elder care.


Contact information:

Employee Assistance Program: 877-739-3989

Find@Northeastern: 877-233-9477; +1 781-457-7777

WeCare: (monitored 24/7)

Ombuds: 617-373-3362 or


Continue to monitor Faculty/Staff FAQ SharePoint site for more detailed information.


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