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Take 5 in 2015: Tips to reduce stress

Managing stress is a common New Year’s resolution. Experts in University Health and Counseling Services at Northeastern say that it’s important to remember that some stress is good and stressful events do not last forever. With that in mind, here are a few tips from UHCS to reduce stress.

1.        Take care of your basic needs: balanced sleep, healthy eating, and consistent hygiene can lower your stress levels.

2.        Keep in mind that both our thoughts, as well our environment, are highly influential; therefore, remain mindful of your automatic beliefs (meaning your immediate, first thoughts) and the way you talk to yourself as well as the environment in which you choose to study and live.

3.         Remain connected to family and friends, and reserve time for activities that you enjoy.

4.         Be active—it can be anything from walking to kickboxing. Find something that works for you.

5.         Keep things simple and balanced, and consider these ideas:

•    Create achievable goals and schedules
•    Use self-encouraging statements and give credit where credit is due
•    Practice mind/body relaxation techniques
•    Live in the present moment
•    Set priorities

Still feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Come to UHCS and speak to a counselor at greater length.

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