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Ridership, demand grow for NUPD shuttle service

More students than ever before are now using the Northeastern University Police Department’s off-campus personal safety escort service, after the department increased the frequency of the after-hours shuttle service earlier this year in response to an increase in demand.

NUPD Lt. Leon Romprey noted that 3,155 students used the off-campus personal safety escort service in September 2014, up from 1,420 in September 2013. Last month, 4,616 students were transported, more than double the number of students (1,932) who utilized the service in October 2013.

The service runs from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day and has two pick-up locations: the Snell Library Quad, and on Forsyth Street in front of the MBTA Ruggles Station. Students who live within 1.5 miles of campus can utilize the service, which brings them to their doorstep.

“We have many students who live in Mission Hill and the Fenway area, and we bring them right to their door,” Romprey said.

NU Shuttle Service

The department increased the frequency of the after-hours shuttle service earlier this year in response to an increase in demand. Photo by Maria Amasanti

Prior to February 2014, the service ran once an hour, but NUPD significantly increased the frequency of pickups after experiencing an increase in demand last fall—particularly during midterms and finals periods. Now the service runs every 30 minutes between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. During midterms and finals, the service runs every 20 minutes.

Romprey said that safety is NUPD’s top priority.

“This is not a convenience service. It’s a safety service,” Romprey said. “Our students are on campus working and studying at all hours of the night, and we want to get them home safely.”

NUPD is actively looking into ways to make the service even more accessible and efficient, including potentially making more frequent trips, Romprey said.

“We are currently working on ways to sustain our service and meet the increased student demand,” he said. “It’s an important service that is being utilized by a growing number of students.”

In addition to the off-campus escort shuttle service, NUPD also offers personal safety escorts 24 hours a day to bring students from one point on campus to another. Students can call 617.373.2121 to schedule a pickup. Off-campus escorts are offered from dusk until dawn or by special request. For more information, visit the NUPD website.

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