Signing off

I’ve been procrastinating writing this post because, well, I’m not great with goodbyes.

Here’s the thing: After an incredible two-and-a-half-year run at Northeastern, I’ve accepted a job at the Broad Institute, a genomics research institution in Cambridge, Mass. I’ll be starting as a senior science writer there on August 4 and while I’m super excited about this next step in my journey, it’s pretty bittersweet.

In closing up shop over the last few days, I discovered that I met and spoke with 197 faculty members while I was here plus dozens of students, post-docs and research staff, I recorded hundreds of hours worth of interviews, and  wrote more than 700 news@Northeastern stories and iNSolution blog posts. But what I’ve learned here can’t possibly be summed up in just a few digits.

Since my first interview on January 9, 2012, the folks here have been teaching me things like how the Higgs boson works, what climate change really means, why intertidal species are so important, how to make wine, the true definition of emotion, and countless other facts, figures, and phenomena. I will truly miss the breadth of research I am exposed to here, not to mention the kind, patient, and inspired minds that have brought it to me.

Working as a science writer at Northeastern is a truly unique experience. I’ve had an incredible amount of autonomy here–the freedom to follow my nose, explore new territory, and just generally revel in my curiosity and excitement. A hearty “Thank you” to everyone who has made that such an easy thing to do.

If you’re a science writer and you’re interested in taking the reins, check out the job description here. Otherwise, please keep in touch. I’m still on Twitter, but my handle has changed to @ajsciwri so be sure to follow me there. You can also find me on linkedin, Facebook, and email:

In the next few weeks, iNSolution may slow down a bit, but we’re hoping to get a few guest bloggers to satisfy your science itch before the new official Northeastern science blogger joins the team.