Tonight’s commute home is almost guaranteed to be better than last night’s. Yesterday’s snow storm lasted through the evening commute, snarling traffic across the Greater Boston area.

Many of you were stuck in cars inching along snowy roadways or diverted because of accidents or waiting in the cold for MBTA trains and buses — some of which never came.

So when we got to work this morning, the Radio Boston crew compared notes about how many hours it took us all to get home. And that turned into a lively debate — maybe even a little feisty — over whether slow commutes are just what happens during New England storms, which is co-host Anthony Brooks‘ point of view. Or whether our transportation system failed us last night, as co-host Sacha Pfeiffer believes.

So Sacha and Anthony invited a transportation expert to the Radio Boston studio to tell them which co-host is more correct.


Stephanie Pollack, associate director of research at the Kitty & Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University, and a specialist in transportation issues