It is well known that Boston has become a thriving ecosystem in which entrepreneurs forge their businesses. There are accelerators for hardware, healthcare, software and social enterprises; affordable shared workspaces; open curriculum and workshops for those looking to build new skills, technical and fundamental. The list goes on.

Perhaps the most significant characteristic is the wealth of human capital, budding and seasoned with experience, providing a powerful and enhancing contrast of perspective to address business opportunities across industries. Annually, 250,000 eager young minds return to higher ed institutions here to learn how to create and innovate. Worth noting, though, is not that this vast human capital pool exists, but how well it facilitates incredibly synergistic interactions between individuals.

My place within this ecosystem is as the Chief Executive Officer of IDEA, a student-run venture accelerator sponsored by Northeastern University. I work with 19 other undergraduates on IDEA’s management team to deliver the best resources possible to the 150 seed-stage companies in our program including business planning tools, in-kind services and non-equity seed funding. An important part of our acceleration process is helping our ventures tap into the community here in Boston.