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  • Zika no longer global ‘health emergency,’ WHO declares

    NPR - 11/18/2016

    “I think it’s too early to draw conclusions,” says Alessandro Vespignani, who models the spread of Zika virus at Northeastern University in Boston.

    Colombia is still investigating more than 300 microcephaly cases to see if they’re linked to Zika. Several countries, such as Venezuela and Haiti, have not been vigilant about reporting cases. And countries that are on top of reporting, such as Mexico and Puerto Rico, aren’t expected to have microcephaly cases until next year — it takes around 9 months after a Zika outbreak strikes for the bulk of microcephaly cases to appear.

    “We can’t rule out the possibility that something unique is happening in Brazil,” Vespignani says. “But, right now, we have to wait and see what happens elsewhere.”

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