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  • You’re not about to die in a mass shooting: James Alan Fox

    USA Today - 12/07/2015

    There are two narratives out there. One claims that mass shootings are rampant and on the rise while the other says that mass shootings are rare and trendless. One is based on unofficial data of questionable reliability while the other originates from a careful assemblage of official crime reports.

    One can construct an argument that a mass shooting doesn’t technically require any fatalities at all, as the promoters of the three-year-old crowd-sourced Mass Shooter Tracker suggest. For that matter, why not go even further and say that a mass shooting need not have any injuries despite a gunman’s attempt to shoot into a crowd. However, without diminishing the impact of non-lethal attacks, if there are no fatalities (as is the case in over one-third of the Internet-based tracker incidents), why obsess over something that can be relatively minor?

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