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  • Women don’t talk more than men, they’re just more likely to collaborate, study finds

    Huffington Post - 07/31/2014

    In a world full of “Chatty Cathys” and “Mansplainers,” which gender really talks more?

    Whomever you think is more talkative, there’s probably a study to back you up. Women have long been assumed the more talkative sex, but some studies indicate that men may be the bigger talkers while others found no difference between the sexes.

    Apparently, it’s all about context. Women don’t necessarily talk more than men — they’re just more likely to. We’ll explain.

    Researchers from Northeastern University observed two contrasting professional environments to see how each gender’s propensity to talk may vary by setting. Published in the July issue of Scientific Reports, the study’s findings indicate that women talk more than men in collaborative, task-based settings — and mostly to each other. In more individualized, unstructured settings, there was no difference between how much men and women talked.

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