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  • With STEM degrees, it’s not the school that matters

    Computerworld - 02/03/2016

    Carla Brodley, the dean of computer science at Northeastern University, said that for computer science students, it is all about whether they can pass the technical interview, which may include a coding test, as part of a hiring process.

    “It’s not clear to me that higher-ranked schools prepare you better,” said Brodley.

    Northeastern is a well-ranked school, and Brodley said one advantage it may have is in the types of companies it attracts for recruitment, as well as the networking prospects.

    Northeastern has about 1,000 undergrads enrolled in computer science, a five-year program with a cooperative education component that includes spending two or three six-month periods at an actual company.

    Brodley said, however, that it matters a lot where you went as an undergrad if you are planning on graduate school.

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