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  • Will US work with Syria’s Assad as Islamic State makes gains?

    The Christian Science Monitor - 08/26/2014

    US officials confirmed on Tuesday that the US has begun reconnaissance flights over Syria, suggesting the ground is being prepared for missile strikes once targets have been identified. Some analysts argue that not only must an air campaign be carried out in Syria but it should be conducted in cooperation with the Assad regime.

    “Not involving Assad in this decision could contribute to escalation geopolitically in all sorts of ways. I’m not sure that Russia would respond kindly. I’m not sure that Iran would respond kindly,” says Max Abrahms, assistant professor of public policy at Northeastern University in Boston and a counterterrorism expert. Russia and Iran are key backers of the Assad regime, providing financial, military, and diplomatic support.

    “I think that the US needs to be up front with Assad, Russia, and Iran about what our goals are and what the nature of US intervention will be to placate these historic Assad allies,” Dr. Abrahms adds.

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