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  • Wikileaks’ CIA hacks: Apple says it’s already fixed many of the flaws mentioned

    Tech Republic - 03/08/2017

    If the leaked documents are verified, it could have major security implications for Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and all other tech companies. However, it’s not exactly a surprise that these devices are able to be hacked, said Engin Kirda, professor of computer science at Northeastern University.

    “In the computer security world, it is widely known that unknown vulnerabilities in products do exist and that there is potential for these vulnerabilities to be exploited to compromise systems,” Kirda said. “We know that many nation states are engaged in such zero day exploitation based in previous stories and examples. Hence, for a security professional, it is not surprising that the CIA would be able to exploit unknown vulnerabilities in phones or modern internet-connected TVs. In fact, previous work had shown that exploitation and infection of Samsung TVs was possible.”

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