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  • Why we should all care about the FIFA scandal

    BostInno - 05/29/2015

    Dr. Nikos Passas is a professor of criminal justice at Northeastern University, and has served as a consultant to the United Nations on anti-corruption matters. He says the laissez-faire system that governs major sports organizations domestically and abroad is largely to blame for a scandal of this magnitude.

    “You have the problems of lack of transparency and bad governance in bodies like FIFA – many of which are headquartered with special legal status in Switzerland,” said Passas. “At some point, we need openness. We have the Open Government Partnership at the state level. We need the same thing for sports. We need transparency, and we need open processes. We need a level playing field, standard criteria, and independent review boards of auditors, directors and public participation in order to restore confidence that these things aren’t being done without integrity.”

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