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  • Which studies got the most media buzz in 2015?

    Science Magazine - 12/14/2015

    The number one story: “A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance,” published in January in Nature. “We didn’t quite anticipate the media frenzy around the paper,” says co-author Brian Conlon, a microbiologist at Northeastern University in Boston. “It’s certainly a strange experience to see a photograph of bacterial cultures you took in the lab appear on the CBS evening news.”

    The attention attracted new offers of collaboration, but also challenges to the study’s claim thatbacteria may not be able to develop resistance to the compound. “This no doubt also irritated some people,” says co-author Kim Lewis, also a microbiologist at Northeastern, noting that the pharmaceutical company that discovered and produces the compound, NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals in nearby Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been sending samples in response to requests, such as “send me the compound and I will send you a resistant mutant.” Lewis says they are still waiting to hear back.

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