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  • When the cook calls in sick, there’s no need to panic

    The Boston Globe - 08/24/2016

    The company president, who was a graduate student before starting Jobletics, credits the Venture Accelerator at Northeastern University for helping him launch the business. He says the student-run program helped him “think about a more efficient way to control the variability when it comes to staff.”

    The Jobletics app has been live for about five months, run by Sharma along with Jad Chahine, head of growth, and Amanda Dupuis, head of people operations. They manage “jobletes” who cover shifts — from the dish pit to the hot line to behind the bar — at restaurants ranging from fast-casual spots like Amsterdam Falafel Shop in Davis Square to more high-end restaurants like Juliet in Union Square, Somerville. They also work with large catering outfits like Rebecca’s Cafe.

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