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  • What’s my risk of catching Ebola?

    NPR - 10/23/2014

    Ebola is spread through contact with sick people’s fluids. So clearly, nurses and doctors who treat patients have a higher risk than others.

    But let’s pretend for a minute that the probability of getting Ebola in the U.S. is the same across the whole population (a.k.a., the risk is evenly distributed).

    The U.S. encounter with Ebola is unlikely to stop in Dallas. Computational biologists predictair traffic will bring more sick people to the States as the epidemic continues in West Africa.

    No one knows exactly how many cases this will be. But one team at Northeastern Universityfinds there’s about a 70 percent chance we’ll get another imported case by the end of this month. Let’s say that trend continues, and we get 12 more cases imported over the next year.

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